Natural The Solution Torpedo Bright Cleaner 500 ML


• The Solution P-Shine; Provides cleaning and protection for automobile and motorcycle plastic parts and torpedoes.
• It shines in the original color of the torpedo.
• It protects against harmful rays of the sun and delays dust and pollution thanks to its anti-static structure.
• It is water based, non-flammable and biodegradable in nature.
USAGE:: Shake the bottle. Spray the surface to be applied from a distance of 20-30 cm. With Solutex Microfiber Towel, wipe the product on the surface with circular movements. Repeat the application in heavy dirt. Do not use it on the gear lever or steering wheel.
CAUTION: Do not apply under the sun or on hot surfaces. Keep away from children. Protect from fire, heat and cold. Keep the bottle upright. In case of contact with eyes or if swallowed, rinse with water. If the discomfort continues, contact your doctor.
• It contains brightening synthetic lubricants, anti-static agents, emulsifying water and preservatives.
• The Solution recommends SOLUTEX Microfiber Towel product for 100% efficiency in the use of the products.

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