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“Safe cleaning also protects your loved ones”

Agro Grup – Natural The Solution

In the last century, human beings; struggling to survive and to keep up with the rapidly developing technology. Unfortunately, environment and nature are ignored in this struggle, wrong policies are implemented and a good future is not left to our youth. Of course, these technological developments have reached universal dimensions and provided many opportunities for human life, however, all these developments have benefits for humanity, but they have caused serious harms to the natural environment and continues to do so. In our age, it is not possible to choose between nature and technology.

Our company AGRO GROUP has introduced the brand to the Turkish market in 2007. Agro Grup products are  not sold only Turkey, also  exported to Germany, England, France, Iran, Morocco and Italy.

All of The Solution products are 100% nature soluble; LCD, Laptop, PC cleaning liquid, Inox built-in cleaning liquid, Camsil and some auto cleaning fluids are also 100% natural. Our products are presented to the market in 3 groups: LCD, Plasma, Laptop and PC cleaning group, Home, Kitchen and office cleaning group and Automotive cleaning and maintenance products group.

LCD, Plasma, Laptop and PC cleaning, Camsil and Inox built-in cleaning products have become the first choice of our consumers due to the fact that they do not contain alcohol and petrochemical-based chemicals and are 100% natural. It can be used on the sensitive surfaces, without any damage, with peace of mind.

With the principle of “Safe cleaning protects your loved ones”, as Agro Group, we continue our R&D studies continuously, we are improving our products day by day and working diligently to bring our new products to our consumers.

As Agro Group managers and employees, we are all consumers. Since we aim to consume the right products, it is our must principle to present the right products to the consumers. In the same way, we are all friends, we are friends of our environment. Therefore, launching environmentally friendly products to the market is at the top of our principles. Our principles are guided by our goals. In line with these principles and goals, we are able to serve all our business partners without any problems and offer our products to the consumers in the most correct way.

Korhan Sandıkçıoğlu


The Solutions Agro Grup - Orca Grup - LCD Temizleme 250 ml

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