Natural The Solution Teflon Wax 500 ML


• The Solution Wax-T; It is a specially formulated high quality automobile fairing polish with PTFE (Teflon) additives.
• It is suitable for all kinds of body paint. It does not leave any residue.
• Thanks to the unique Teflon and polymers it contains, it creates a glossy and thin film layer on the surface and provides long-term protection.
• Provides rainwater fluidity and delays pollution with its anti-static feature. It provides resistance to resin and bird droppings.
USAGE: Wash your vehicle with The Solution Polished car shampoo. Shake the bottle and dry the surface to be applied thoroughly. Use Solutex Microfiber Towel or soft sponge. Distribute homogeneously with circular movements and leave for a few minutes. Rub the product onto the surface by rubbing it with a dry Solutex Microfiber towel.
CAUTION: Do not apply under the sun or on hot surfaces. Keep away from children. Protect from fire, heat and cold. Keep the bottle upright. In case of contact with eyes or if swallowed, rinse with water. If the discomfort continues, contact your doctor.
• Distilled petroleum products contain PTFE (Teflon), drying agents, preservatives, fragrance and water.
• The Solution recommends SOLUTEX Microfiber Towels for 100% efficiency in the use of the products.

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