Solutex Microfiber Towel (Cloth)

Solutex (The Solution) Microfiber Towel – Cleaning Cloth – 30X40 Cm

• It is 10 times softer than silk. In this way, it can be used on all kinds of sensitive surfaces.
• It consists of thousands of capillary fiber structures. It can trap water or dirt 10 times more than its own weight.
• It absorbs dirt or dust as magnets and traps them. It prevents contact with the surface. Therefore, it does not scratch or leave a trace of water.
• Air circulation is easier due to the capillary fiber structure it contains. Therefore, it dries 3 times faster than normal cloths or towels.
• It can be washed and used at least 500 times with warm water softener or detergent other than bleach or soap.
• Max. It can be washed separately from other textile products at 30 degrees.
• Does not ironed.
• It can be used in dusting or polishing of all kinds of household goods, even if slightly moistened, without applying any cleaning product.

  • MICROFIBER is a weaving type consisting of extraordinarily fine threads. It is used to make cloths and various heat-resistant fabrics that clean without a trace.
  • It looks like velvet in image and feel. It does not stain.
  • MICROFIBER cloths are produced by thinning polyamide and polyester fiber by pulling thousands of meters.
  • When MICROFIBER glands are used dry, they work according to the principle of absorbent capillaries, when used damply according to the static energy principle.
  • The compatibility of MICROFIBER cleaning cloths for people with asthma and allergies has also been proven by tests. For this reason, it is widely used in all hospitals in Europe and America and in most households.
  • It has a super absorbent property and is durable.
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth removes the invisible particles.
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